Dave's guitar links

Here are a bunch of links to friends and other sites of interest.

  • Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT)
    Find a guitar tutor in your local area. Download current syllabus requirements for electric, acoustic, bass and classical guitar exams and purchase the relevant grade handbook. www.rgt.org
  • Graham Corbould
    Guitar tutor, singer, songwriter and all around good egg. Graham also organizes various music events providing the complete package live music, solo, duo or band, recorded music, lights etc and can knock up a few sandwiches as well. Graham also runs a speakeasy open mike session every week for budding performers. See web site for details. www.grahamcorbould.co.uk
  • Vic Hyland
    Music educator and RGT/LCM examiner. Vic is nationally known for his research work into creativity in music and regularly lectures on music business. He is one of the pioneers in the use of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) in teaching and playing music. www.vichyland.co.uk
  • Chaz Hart
    Guitar tutor, composer, arranger, session player and senior examiner with the RGT and LCM. Chaz is also author of several educational and repertoire books, and released 4 very highly acclaimed CDs. All are available on his site and there are also some free downloads of tracks from his latest book of repertoire for acoustic guitar. I have used some of Chaz's excellent arrangements, with great success, for private students in grade exams and GCSE, AS-level and A-level exams. www.chazhart.co.uk
  • TeachMusic.co.uk
    This is a site fronted by Vic Hyland, winner of the RGT tutor of the year award 2007. The site is managed by a group of teachers and professional musicians. The aim is to help people set up a teaching practice, and make money from other musical pursuits such as playing, recording and writing books. www.teachmusic.co.uk
  • Blues Camp
    These are regular weekend camps for studying and playing blues/rock guitar. The tutors are all professional musicians and tutors playing a wide variety of instruments. There are performance classes, workshops and seminars. www.bluescamp.co.uk
  • Max Milligan
    Amazing player, composer/ arranger. Max is a fellow RGT senior examiner, and an all around good egg, and very funny guy. Checkout his you tube channel to see his amazing acoustic playing, some cool lessons on there too. I can highly recommend his excellent acoustic album 'Homage'. Available from his channel, web site and on itunes, I have it myself. If you ever get the chance to go to one of Max's Seminars, I recommend you go. Not only will he improve your playing, you'll learn loads of cool jokes as well!!
  • Dan Burgess
    Although this a guitar related site, this is a link to a very new site, that a very old friend that I lost touch with 20 odd years ago, when he moved to Canada, has set up. He was always a great friend and amazing artist. However, I feel you need to checkout his site, and particularly his fantastic paintings. Amazing!! I don't normally do links to non- guitar related sites, but I think he is so talented. He also has a great you tube channel, featuring his fantastic animations.