level 2 guitar lessons

The level 2 lessons are designed for students that have completed level 1, or have a basic knowledge of reading chords and tabs. Do checkout the Tabs section for songs you can play with these chords.

Below the lessons is a recommended list of chords and scales you should be familiar with, before moving onto level 3.


  1. major 7 chord practice
    An exercise in major 7 chord strumming. Listen to the sound of the chords, try to learn what major 7 chords sound like.
  2. minor 7 chord practice
    An exercise in minor 7 chords. Listen to the sound of the chords, try to learn what minor 7 chords sound like.
  3. preliminary blues
    Here's a lesson incorporating chord strumming using dominant 7 open chords and scale playing. learn the 1 octave blues scale first. See first scales.
  4. 12 bar blues in A
    Everyone needs to be able to play the blues. This sequence is used in literally hundreds of songs.
  5. 12 bar blues in E
    Another very common blues sequence; for example check out Sweet Home Chicago from the Tabs section.
  6. country strumming
    Yee Ha! Think Johnny Cash, 'I Walk The Line'. This is a lesson using A, D, and E major chords. It is not too difficult, but will improve your accuracy with the pick and strumming technique.
  7. basic 3/4 strum patterns
    There are less contemporary songs written in this time signature. However, it is still important to master it. Two fairly easy pieces in this time signature are 'Mull of Kintyre' by Paul McCartney, and 'Where Do You Go To My Lovely' by Peter Starstead.
  8. write your own chord progressions
    This is a very important lesson. However, you will need to have studied all the chord playing so far, with the previous lessons. You will also need to familiar with all the chords in the chord lessons up to this level. If you do not know any of these chords, check the Chords section.


  1. major 7 chords
    A few more open chords to jazz up your playing.
  2. minor 7 chords
    Again these chords are open, but one uses a partial barre.


  1. open scales
    These scales are shown over 2 octaves. Open scales are scales that use some open strings. They are very useful and are used for lead guitar in many styles. They also improve left and right hand coordination. Try to learn the names of the notes in each scale, the video. should help.