guitar arpeggios

The arpeggios shown in this section are progressive, and get gradually more difficult. All guitarists need to know arpeggios and regular practice of them will improve your left and right hand coordination dramatically. If you intend to create riffs and lead guitar lines then a good grounding in arpeggio knowledge is essential. If you don't understand anything here, check the Essential lessons.

New videos on arpeggios are coming soon. However, if you are more advanced, and want to learn more arpeggios, see RGT Exam Resources Arpeggios. There are loads of interesting and useful arpeggios there.

  1. 2 octave major and minor arpeggios
    Arpeggios are very useful in lead playing, and are also a good way of learning the names of the notes on the fingerboard. I have colour coded the notes to help with this.
  2. major, minor and dominant 7 arpeggios
    Great for lead playing and creating riffs, again colour coded. It is recommended you learn the major and minor arpeggios first.