RGT guitar exams

The Registry Of Guitar Tutors in partnership with London College Of Music exams offers practical examinations in electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar, and written exams in popular music theory. Exams are available from total beginner to diploma level. From grade 1 onwards all exams are QCA accredited and grades 6, 7 and 8 attract UCAS points. For more information on all exams visit the RGT website.

The RGT is the first and only organization to offer dedicated acoustic guitar exams. Electric, classical and bass guitar exams are offered by other boards. However, RGT exam handbooks are the only ones that contain all the information and examples required to be very successful in an examination, without the need to purchase various additional scale, sight reading and aural test publications.

RGT exam handbooks are an excellent study aid in all styles of guitar playing even if you do not intend to take an exam. In my opinion they offer the most comprehensive, structured and flexible approach available.

See my RGT exam resources page. This could prove useful, as it has the chords, scales and arpeggios required at each grade. They are all in handy PDF form, and will prove useful even if your not taking an exam.